Motivational Monday – A Day Off

It’s a public holiday here today, and what a wonderful day to start off the week, with the first day off of work, woohoo!

I’ve had really busy weeks and weekends lately so I’m spending today relaxing on the couch not doing much at all. So far it’s brilliant.

I did go for a walk earlier this morning though, just through a reserve which was a nice way to start the day, and the week.

What do you like to do on public holidays?

Take care,


Motivational Monday – A New Venture


So I decided to take the plunge and I signed up as a Nutrimetics Consultant last week. I love makeup and skin scare and all things beauty and have been curious about it for a while but also a little afraid. What if I fail? What if I start doing this, friends and family see it and then it all falls in a heap and I’m not successful? It makes me really anxious thinking about it to be honest.

But then I think, so what? What do I have to gain from not trying? Nothing. What do I have to gain from giving it a good crack? Potentially a hell of a lot. So why not just freaking do it and see what happens.

I’ve been writing notes and strategies around how I can run this business online, I’ll probably need to do a couple of parties to rack up some sales and get interest. Though to be honest that also freaks me out, I’m quite shy and the idea of being in front of a whole group of strangers frightens me. But who knows, maybe I’ll end up enjoying it.

So many unknowns, but I’m still quite excited about at least being brave enough to give it a go.

Motivational Monday – Hair cuts


I have heard many people say that getting a new cut or style is sometimes like having a holiday. It can be incredibly refreshing to have a new look, it can also be a huge adjustment if it’s a massive change. Usually in a good way, you keep touching it and looking at it in the mirror in fascination.

I am getting a new style tomorrow night and I am super excited. I have long hair at the moment, I had been growing it long because that’s how my boyfriend liked it. Though I think long hair looks quite pretty, I find it quite annoying to look after so have always favoured short hair. Now that he and I aren’t together anymore I am going back to having short hair, woohoo!

Now I just need to decide on a style… And the Googling fun begins.

Motivational Monday – Walking


Walking is great for you. It gets the body moving, it gets you off the couch, and it makes you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t need to be a long walk, just a 10 minute walk will do.

If an improvement in mood and happiness isn’t enough, think about the other physical benefits to getting the body moving. You burn calories, work your muscles, give your heart a bit of a workout which is always good. What do you have to lose by treating yourself to a walk?


Take care,


Motivational Monday – Zoos



Zoos can be a controversial topic, especially depending on what zoo you’re talking about. Personally, I love the Adelaide and Monarto Zoos, I’ve been to two others overseas but they were the kind of zoos that drug animals for photos and I can’t get on board with that sort of practise.

Some people or groups (hello, PETA) believe animals, especially wild animals like lions, shouldn’t be held in captivity. But what happens when a species are dying out, say they’re critically endangered and in the next 10 years will be extinct in the wild. What do you do then? You bring that species into captivity and breed them with the aim of releasing a population of them into the wild.

Or do you think that we should just let these animals go extinct? Maybe there is an argument for that, maybe it’s the natural order of things. But what about when it’s not? Take the black rhino for example, it’s critically endangered in Africa and although in many areas it’s illegal to hunt them, it still happens. So sitting on your hands and thinking enacting laws is enough is equivalent to sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problem goes away. And it will go away because there won’t be any rhino left, but is that the outcome we want?

And so we come back to zoos, and the purpose of many zoos is not just to exhibit animals for the public to see, but to educate them on each animals’ plight. To conserve species using sometimes even a genetic based breeding program that incorporate zoos not just in one country but internationally as well.

I know there are zoos where the focus is on people being able to pet animals like tigers, or ride elephants. Those zoos, I have a problem with. They drug the tigers for a photo, they beat the elephants into submission, and that is just awful. Don’t support those zoos.

Zoos like Adelaide and Monarto Zoo, they are conservation focussed, they want to save species and educate the public and engage them in helping save the animals as well.

So I challenge you, go to your local zoo, not just to see the animals, but if the zookeepers do any talks, go to a couple of those, find out what the focus of the zoo is and how they achieve it. You will be amazed at what they are trying to achieve.

Motivational Monday – Doors


You know that old saying, sometimes when one door closes another one opens? I just closed one door, and am now visualising myself walking through the hallway of transition and over to the open door.

My partner and I ended our relationship. I feel I have done everything possible to make it work so I have some solace in that. Though I get waves of sadness, anger and frustration, I also feel at peace with myself for the first time in a long time. Because the door to that chapter of my life is now closed and I am actively readying myself for the next chapter.

Watch out World!

Take care,


Motivational Monday – Procrastination

I saw this TED Talk video about procrastination, or rather what it’s like to be a procrastinator. I wonder if, like this guy says we are all procrastinators in some way. Whether we procrastinate with assignments for example by only just scraping in to get things done by the due date, or whether we mean to join the gym at some point, or start eating healthy at some point…

It doesn’t really give any answers but it is interesting to see just how a procrastinators mind works.

But what are some tips and tricks to help one overcome procrastination? There are loads and loads of tips on the internet of course, all written by people who I’m sure have never been a procrastinator. Have I been one? Yep. Not any more though. But what changed is a really hard thing to put my finger on.

I think it was partly to do with my mindset, and partly to do with giving myself damn due dates for everything, and making myself accountable to certain people like my boss for instance. He may ask me to do something “not important” and as a procrastinator that means it’ll never get done. So instead I ask him for a due date, end of this week or end of next week, whatever it happens to be. And yeah, I might still leave it until the last day or two to get it done but at least it gets done.

Sometimes breaking tasks down into smaller chunks and adding self-imposed deadlines can work for the more motivated types, but honestly…yeah no. Doesn’t work for me unless I actually have to give those results to someone else.

Maybe yelling at yourself, just freaking doing it! Putting on some peppy music, and get yourself psyched up like Rambo, and then just do it. Or like me get distracted by the music and forget whatever else you were meant to be doing…

Reward systems can help, as long as they are rewards that you wouldn’t normally give yourself. For instance, if I do X then afterwards I’ll read my book for half an hour. What makes that reward special? It needs to be special in order to help.

The hardest thing with procrastination is working out what will help you the most. Is it being with a buddy? Or announcing your goals to the world? Is it the reward system? Do you need someone else to impose deadlines?

Good luck everyone, and if you have any handy tips for beating procrastination, then please share them with me in the comments!

Take care,


Motivational Monday – Dancing


I’ve been feeling this way recently with my dancing and as a consequence haven’t been doing it as much as I used to. I’ve forgotten why it is that I love dancing. The meaning of it got lost in trying to learn and perfect different moves, and only doing that. That was the focus of my training sessions rather than just absorbing the music and letting it move me and my feet. That sort of letting go and letting my mind run free with the music is what I love about dancing, and that’s what I need to be doing more of, and not just practising tricks or movements.

I think this applies to pretty much anything really. Whatever hobby or job we have, we need to remember what it is we love about doing it so that we can continue to really, truly enjoy what we’re doing.

Take care,


Motivational Monday – The Puzzle of Motivation

I found a really interesting TED Talk video that was all about motivation; what works, what doesn’t.

The message is actually pretty simple, and uses scientific studies to back it up. Basically, using carrots and sticks isn’t a very effective method of motivating people. What does is when they do, whatever it is they’re doing, because they like it and feel like they’re making a difference.

I reflect back and look at the things I’ve tried, like if I exercise X times in a month I’ll treat myself to Y, and that fails miserably because that’s not really what I’m interested in. Then I look at the work I want to do up at Monarto Zoo, which is all volunteer work. Because I love it. Yep, I think I know what the best method is!