Deferring uni

I’ve been thinking for the last few months about what I want to do with myself. Obviously I have to work because bills have to be paid, so full-time work will need to continue, but the other biggest thing was my uni work.

To give a bit of background, I started uni again because I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing and so was looking at it as an investment in a career change. But now, I do enjoy what I’m doing and the company I’m working for and so it’s more of a hobby now; something to do because it interests me.

University as a hobby is a huge investment, in terms of time and effort and it’s also an added layer of stress because of the assignments and deadlines. I can’t help but feel it’s being a bit wasted on me because I’m not taking it seriously.

In addition to uni, I also want to volunteer at Monarto Zoo one or two days a month, of course there’s still pole dancing and the gym which I haven’t had much time for lately, and I want to be able to take my kayaks out. That’s just all the things I want to do without thinking about seeing family or friends, so quite a lot on my plate!

The one thing I feel that’s really holding me back from investing in all that or doing it as much as I wished I could is uni. Purely because uni takes up so much of my time in the evenings and on the weekends, I don’t often feel like I have time for much else.

So having thought about it long and hard, I’m going to defer uni next year. I’m not sure if I want to give up my position in the course yet, so deferring at least gives me some wiggle room to see how next year goes, I can do all the things I want to do and then decide if I really want to give up my position.

Motivational Monday, 26 October – Closer than I was yesterday


I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I struggle in my journey. Not my overall life journey, but the ones in between that make it up. Like my university journey or my pole dancing journey, or even my career journey.

I injured a tendon in my right arm that links my upper arm to my elbow at Pole Festival, and so at the moment I feel like I’m being pushed a few steps back in my pole dancing journey. But then I think of it another way, I might well have this injury but my body has become so strong from pole dancing that it’s not crippling me to the point where I can’t use my arm. Sure it is weaker and it aches, but I am still allowed to do light exercise because the rest of my body is strong enough it can compensate for that injury and protect itself, plus I know my limits far more intimately than I ever have before. A few years ago, I would have been out for the count for weeks. So I am definitely further than I was in my journey, and that’s what I need to keep in mind.

I guess the point is, if you feel like you’ve been set back in some way, think about how you’re dealing with that set back now, compared to how you would have dealt with it 2, 3 or even 5 years ago. There would be a huge difference because you are closer to where you want to be now, than what you were back then and that will have give you the ability to better cope with little bumps along the way.

Friday Favourites, 23 October

Well the last week has been a really busy week for me. I was still at the Pole Festival so a lot of my highlights have come from that!

Handstands. As an adult have you tried doing handstands? It is so hard, and so much more technical than I thought it was as a kid! I did a couple of these workshops at Pole Festival, and it was challenging but it was so much fun and I learnt heaps about how to balance in handstands.

Static pole. I have trained on the spinning pole and really haven’t done anything on a static pole. So a couple of the classes that I did at Pole Festival were based on how to make dancing on a static pole “flow”. It’s a completely different kind of movement to what I’m used to and so I felt like I got heaps out of those workshops.

Burlesque. Oh this was a bit of saucy fun indeed. I learnt a few burlesque moves to teasingly take off clothes and put on a nice, tasteful, strip show.

Bruise pride. Every pole dancer knows this one. You talk to the other girls, or your partner or people at work or whatever and you’re like “look at all my bruises! I got this one from doing this trick/this class” etc. There’s a certain level of pride associated with the collection of bruises because hey I’ve been achieving something and doing cool tricks!

Coming home. Despite the fact that I had heaps of fun at Pole Festival, I still loved coming home. For me I just love coming home after a trip and being surrounded by my own things, my own shower and my own bed. It’s heavenly!

Remedial massage. I thought after getting back from Pole Festival that after dancing for a few hours each day that my muscles would be really achy and I’d need a massage. My muscles were actually fine, they didn’t feel sore or fatigued. But I decided to keep this massage time anyway, and oh boy was it painful! My body might not have felt sore but I tell you so many of my muscles were really, really tight so there was a lot of pressure point therapy, but at least those muscles feel looser now, whew.

I hope you all had a great week too, let me know in the comments below what the highlights of your week were.

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 16 October – All about pole

Oh my it has been a big week, and it will be an even bigger weekend before it’s all done. I’m at Pole Festival and have book myself into 5 workshops per day, not all pole, some are non-pole workshops but they’re all active classes. Today is the end of day one and I’m sore already. Mind you the last time I did this I was sore but once I started warming up the next day I felt alright, so I’m hoping it’ll be the same tomorrow. I did preemptively book myself a remedial massage for two days after I get back though so I figure that’ll be plenty of time for all the aches to come out so the massage therapist can relieve them a bit! Anyway, on to the highlights of the previous week.

Exotic pole. It was my last class for the term, although the actual last class isn’t until this coming Sunday, but being at pole camp I can’t attend that. So at my last class, the instructor let me film it so I have the whole routine on video so I can finish learning it on my own, yay!

Relaxation massage. Might sound a little backwards but I wanted to have a relaxing massage before going on holidays, and it was one of my favourite day spas that I went to, and the massage was so good I dozed off a couple of times!

Paragon International Championships. I flew up to Coolangatta yesterday and last night the Paragon International Championships were on, and the opening act was Mya performing some of her songs live and then even getting on the pole and doing a couple of tricks which was just so good to see! Below is a picture of Mya making pretty shapes on the pole. The talent of the polers in the competition was just incredible, it was a really great and really inspirational show to see.


Handstand press. If you’re like me and you haven’t really done handstands since being a kid, they for some reason are so much harder as an adult! I’ve done handstands and forearm and shoulder stands as an adult, mostly against the pole though, doing them without freaks me out a bit, so today I did a handstand class and one of the moves I was able to do by the end of it was a handstand press. Or at least, I was able to come out of the handstand into the press position, but I haven’t tried going up yet. I don’t think that will be too far off for me, I just need to work through my fear of falling out of the handstand first lol. If you have no idea what a handstand press looks like, below is a YouTube clip, if you watch from about 2:14 that’s what i achieved today.

Static pole spins. I learned how to pole dance on a static pole, and it’s only until recently that our studio started doing any static pole classes and unfortunately I haven’t done any of those classes yet, though if I eventually want to perform I should do it so I get comfortable on it. The class I did today was with Marlo Fisken and wasn’t just around how to spin on static, but was more how to keep a flowing move around the pole without stopping. Man she’s just so graceful and fluid, it’s like she’s just caressing the floor or the pole any time her hands touch it, she’s just incredible. A photo of her from the class is below.


Burlesque moves. One of the other workshops I did today was an introduction to burlesque moves. We got the walking, the glove pulling off, how to take of your dress, all sorts of little tricks to make taking off your clothes a bit more like a sensual tease, rather than just “get your tits out” kind of thing. I had a lot of fun in this class, the instructor was so charismatic and funny.

Shopping! Ok, of course while you’re at Pole Festival you should make sure you buy all the merchandise right? Or at least all the merchandise you wouldn’t normally be able to buy! And that’s exactly what I did…and now I’m sure my bank account hates me, but I’m pretty happy. I bought a tank, leggings, matching crop and booty shorts and new pole shoes. A picture of all my goodies is below.


How has your week been this week? Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything exciting that you’d like to share.

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 15 October – Motel I’m staying in

What’s your preference, a hotel or a motel? For me it kinda depends on budget. Hotels in Australia can be on the pricey side and I find that generally the motels are just as good and for nearly half the price, so when I’m travelling on a budget I go for a motel. Only to a point though…and that point is staying in Australia. Generally you know what kind of quality your own country is going to provide you for the price, and I’m quite ok staying in motels in my own country, but if I was travelling overseas, it would always be a hotel or resort that I would stay in. Mostly because I find the security is better and they tend to have better ratings.

Which is what I’ve done with this trip I’m on at the moment. I’ve come up to Queensland to attend the Pole Festival, and because attending that in itself cost so much money, not to mention flights, I thought I’d save myself a buck and stay at a motel.

IMAG1301How does this qualify as a “throwback” you ask? Well, the motel itself is from around the 1960s I think, and if it wasn’t for the weird salmon pink colour it’s all painted it would be quite quaint. It doesn’t have an elevator, which I think may kill me with all the workshops I’m doing, it was hard enough lugging a 17kg bag up the stairs let alone how I’m gonna feel when my muscles are sore!

On the inside though it’s not too bad, relatively up to date, the bathroom looks like it was done maybe sometime in the last few years at least, and it’s definitely spacious enough, and most importantly it’s clean.

So although the building itself is a blast from the past, at least they have tried to bring it up to the present and have kept it in a relatively good state of repair, and clean.

Photo An Hour, October 2015 – Just a lazy Sunday

I didn’t really get up to too much today, it was mostly just a day around the house doing some chores, some uni work and of course my pole class. Below are a few pictures from my day.

9am – Woke up a little while ago, still a bit sleepy, haven’t done anything with my hair or makeup yet


10am – Making brunch, well part of it anyway. I was on pancake duty while my partner was out cooking the bacon and eggs on the BBQ.


11am – All ready to head to my pole class. It’s an exotic pole class so I like to add to the sexy feels by doing my makeup.


12pm – So it appears I forgot to take a picture for this hour, whoops! Anyway at 12pm I was just rocking up at the studio to do my pole class.

1pm – Cos I’m not going to be at the class next week which is the last one for the term, I took a video of my instructor doing the routine, and below is a snapshot from the routine.


2pm – Copying some files over to my hard drive. My phone has virtually no storage on it so I need to keep transferring files over to the hard drive pretty much as soon as I’ve taken them.


3pm – Attempting to do some studying while Bathurst is on, to prepare for the week ahead.


4pm – But I fell asleep so I’m still going with the studying. When will there ever be a textbook that doesn’t put me to sleep? Or is it just that my brain gets so full I have to sleep in order to convert it to my longterm memory?


5pm – Late afternoon tea, enjoying an apple and a cup of green tea.


6pm – Trying the studying thing again while watching Falling Skies…like that’s going to end well for my study!


7pm – Putting away the laundry in time for the working week ahead.


8pm – Being a good dog mother and feeding the pooch.


9pm – Signing out for the night. I’ve had a shower and enjoying a home made iced coffee. Probably not the best thing to have before bed, but meh.


I hope you all had a great weekend. If you have anything you’d like to share about your weekend, post it in the comments below!

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 9 October

I’m coming to the party a little bit late with this one, but I just needed to take a break from computers yesterday. I’d spent the last day and a half trying to make my laptop cooperate, it was very annoying, so I just needed to not look at it for a while!

Pole class. This is the exotic pole class I’ve been doing, still having fun, but am finding sometimes we learn so much of the routine it’s hard to remember it all! I am enjoying it though, I’ve learnt so many cool floor moves and transitions, so I feel a bit more comfortable doing floor work now.

New dancing shoes! I have new Pleaser dancing shoes which I got through an online store called Spice Up Australia. They specialise in shoes that are good for pole dancers.

Farewell lunch. One of the guys at work is leaving and so we had a farewell lunch for him. It was really nice to see such a big group of people get together to say farewell. It’s a shame he’s leaving but he’s onto something he’ll enjoy a bit more.

Birthday cake order. I spoke to one of my friends and she is going to make my birthday cake for me, I’m so excited! It’s going to be a two tier circle cake with silhouettes of pole dancers on it.

Dietician. One of the things I have to do for my eating disorder is to see a dietician who can help me begin to manage and control my eating, while I’m also working with a psychiatrist to move past the issues that have caused me to use food as a coping mechanism. It was a really positive first session and I realised that when my eating is normal, I eat fairly well and fairly nutritious meals, so that made me feel a bit better.

I hope you all had a great week too, let me know in the comments if there’s anything special you’d like to share.

Take care


Friday Favourites, 2 October

A few highlights for me this week, and I’m happy to say that the weather has just been so beautiful this week, and is continuing to be beautiful all this weekend, which is a long weekend, woohoo!

Brunch. Last Saturday I went out to brunch with a couple of girlfriends for one of their birthdays. Though the place we went to didn’t exactly live up to expectations, it was really great catching up with them.

Family time. Also last Saturday, my Mum came over to help me finish my birthday invitations, and my Uncle and cousin also stopped around to say hello because they haven’t seen our new house yet.

Date night. My partner and I had a date night, we just did a home cooked meal but then went to the movies and saw The Visit. If you haven’t seen it or heard of it, check it out, it was pretty good!

Pole class. It was the start of a new term for exotic pole so I decided to continue it until the next full term comes around in a few weeks. I am enjoying it I have to say, it’s nice to bring sexy back to pole, and we’ve even been talking about dressing up each week to really get into it, so we’re making it a bit more fun that way.

Lunch with the girls. Normally we do morning tea on Wednesdays but we decided this week we’d go savoury and also get a chance to enjoy the weather and so we went to lunch at the pub next door and sat outside in the beer garden which was lovely.

How has your week been? Is there anything you’re looking forward to this weekend?

Take care


Friday Favourites, 18 September

This post is a bit delayed I know, but I totally passed out on the couch last night before I got a chance to write about it and then today I’ve been busy creating my birthday invitations. Anyway, on to the highlights for this week!

Movie date. Last Saturday night my partner and I went out to see a movie, we saw The Scorch Trials which is the latest Maze Runner movie. It wasn’t too bad, had some jumpy bits in it and was pretty action packed.

Pole class. Had a good class last Sunday, we did a few tumbles and a lot of fancy leg floor work, and special mention, one of the girls let me borrow her knee pads for the class because I’d just worn my normal pole shorts so my knees had zero protection. So I was very grateful for her generosity!

Royal Adelaide Show. After pole class my partner and I headed to the Show and spent the afternoon there and saw the fireworks which I love seeing every time I go to the show!

Evening to myself. My partner went out with one of his buddies for dinner and movies while he’s in town so I got to have an evening to myself in the house. Because of our new routine, we are with each other a lot which I don’t mind of course, but sometimes it’s nice to just be on my own for a couple of hours, and do those weird things I like doing when I’m alone… you know what I mean.

Morning tea with the girls. Oh the old highlight on my list, catching up with the girls for morning tea on Wednesday morning, this is quite often a highlight for me, it’s one of the favourite parts of my working week.

Let me know in the comments below what the highlights for your week were.

Take care,


Photo An Hour, September 2015 – Royal Adelaide Show

Yesterday I had a pretty full on day, I worked on a uni assignment, then I went to my pole class and my partner and I also spend the afternoon at the Royal Adelaide Show. Here are all the pictures I have of the day, sometimes more than one an hour.

10:00am – late start as I had forgotten at first that I was doing a photo an hour today, oops! At this point I’d just gotten out of the shower.


11:00am – putting the finishing touches on my uni assignment before heading to my pole class.


12:00pm – just got off the train and about to step into the pole studio for my class.


1:00pm – finished with the pole class and walking over to the Royal Adelaide Show, yay!


2:00pm – after a wander around it’s time for a quick bite to eat.


3:00pm – having a look through the pets exhibit and far out I had thought most of these snakes and lizards were fake, and then they started moving! It was fascinating watching them all just harmoniously crawl all over each other.


4:00pm – continuing to look around and saw this really amazing little garden with a beautiful outdoor setting and the cutest treehouse…it’s not just kids that get treehouses right? Cos I could totally have that one!


5:00pm – more looking around and we stumbled across a monster truck. Thing is huge, the wheels are almost as tall as me!


6:00pm – then we got to see the monster truck in action, they’re pretty cool. Although I think it would have been a bit more exciting if they had two monster trucks and were racing them.



7:00pm – in between monster trucks were some dog trick shows and a country show, and then at 7:00pm the demolition derby was on, man it must be fun to just get out there and destroy a car just for the hell of it!



8:00pm – fireworks, yaaayyy! This is what you hang out for at the show, and is the reason we were sitting down in the grandstand for a couple of hours, it just gets so packed, so get there early to see some shows and reserve some seats.



9:00pm – finally at home with a chance to take a proper look through the showbags I got. I did the Yellow Brick Road, which I love doing every time I go because it makes you walk around and look at things while you’re trying to find all the freebies. Plus I also go the Spirit State bag which has a whole lot of gym related stuff in it, the Sukin bag which has a range of their products like hand cream, face wash, face cream and more, and finally the Model Co bag which had a few of their products in it as well which I’m excited to try out. Not long after that though, I passed out and went to bed, I was so tired!




I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well, let me know in the comments below what the highlight was for you.

Take care,