Friday Favourites

At the end of a long, hard week I really do find it’s a great idea to sit back and reflect on all of the good things that have happened. Even if you think you’ve had a crappy week, there’s still some good that helps to balance it out.

Shopping. Last Saturday I went shopping at Harbourtown with my Mum for her birthday. I bought a couple of tops and a Kim Kardashian handbag, which can you believe I got for $10?!

Beauty Club Training. I attended my first Nutrimetics Beauty Club Training night on the Monday night. There was info about the company and how to make money, and I also learnt how to give someone a facial which is good. I’m glad I now have a practical skill to go with these new products!

Nutrimetics Kit Delivery. I got my Nutrimetics Kit on Wednesday. I can’t believe how much was in the kit, over $400 worth of products, and I have effectively gotten it for free now that I’ve hit $250 of sales, woohoo!


Aquapole. I’ve been doing aquapole classes every Wednesday with a couple of friends which provides a new kind of awkward challenge!

Another Nutrimetics Delivery. I ordered a few things for myself, I figure if I’m going to be selling it, I need to know how more about the product I’m selling, right? So not only did I get everything that I ordered, I also got a free gift for going to my first training session, an eyeshadow palette and liquid liner. Plus I was able to pick up a hand wash and White Age cleanser for only $12 as part of my order. And of course everything that I actually bought was on sale as well.

Lots of this week has been focussed on Nutrimetics as I’ve been busily trying to get everything set up with the business. So a pretty full on but also a quite exciting week.

Friday Favourites

What a productive week I’ve had, so much has been going on!

Pole class. I had my dance class on Saturday and we started learning the routine this week which is always fun.

Shopping. I met up with a couple of girlfriends on Sunday and we went looking for clothes to wear to a high tea that we’re going to in a couple of weeks. Well they looked, I was just there for the company as I already have a dress to wear.

Pamphlet delivery. So I signed up to do pamphlet delivery, the pay is crap really but I thought why pay to go to the gym and walk when I can get someone else to pay me to walk. So we’ll see how it goes.

Lunch. I went to lunch with a girlfriend which was nice, it was good to catch up, we haven’t been out for a while.

Coffee and cake. One of my staff took me out for coffee and cake today,she had noticed that things hadn’t been so great for me lately and was worried about me. It was nice to have someone just notice like that and ask if I was ok.

How has your week been? Did anything special happen?

Take care,


Friday Favourites

The last week has gone really quickly, there’s been heaps happening at work and in my personal life it’s all just sort of zoomed past.

New term of pole. Last Saturday I started a new term at my pole dancing studio. The first class back can be the hardest I find because it’s revision of tricks from the previous term and so is really intense! But it still felt really good to be back despite the sore muscles.

Shopping. After my pole class I met one of my girlfriends at a shopping centre in one of the richer Adelaide areas (Burnside for any Adelaidians reading, so you know what I mean). Oh my gosh there were some absolutely gorgeous clothes there, but though I earn a decent salary it’s just not decent enough to buy anything there.

Mothers day. Last Sunday was Mothers day and so I took my Mum up to Monarto Zoo, I’m not sure that she’s ever been before so it was a great experience for her and turned out to be a not too bad day which is good.

Solicitor. This might be an odd one to call a highlight, but given everything that’s happening with mine and my former partners separation, it was time to bring in a solicitor to get some advice so that I had a better understanding of how to get everything resolved. The solicitor I saw today was good and I feel much better now I have a better idea of what I need to do and what the possible options for settlement are.

Window shopping. I didn’t feel like going straight home after work and so I decided to go into the city because they do late night shopping on Friday nights, so I just wandered around and looked at things, tried a couple of pieces of clothing on…noticed they don’t actually go on sale until tomorrow, so I’m going to go back to the local store and pick them up when they’re on sale tomorrow lol.

How has your week been? Are there any highlights you would like to share?

Take care,


Friday Favourites

Oh so many favourites for the past week, partly because I was on holidays, wonderful holidays! And not just holidays where I went somewhere else and did all the touristy stuff, but holidays where I got to spend some time at home as well.

Kangaroo Island. My partner and I went there for the Easter weekend, we did a few things each day, it was really jam packed and enjoyable. You can head over here and see more details from my travel diary if you like.

Shopping. First day back and still on holidays so I went and did a spot of shopping and bought a Wii U, the thing I like about Wii’s is all the movement that’s involved in game playing, especially when that game is Just Dance!

Monarto Zoo. I had my first volunteering “training” day at the zoo on Wednesday which was great, we were just doing a lot of planting and watering, but I also got shown essential things like how to get in, where the Mallee Minder base camp is, and took a tour down the “peninsula” to see the rhinos.

Rest day. Thursday was pretty much a rest day which was well needed after my first day of volunteer work. I am way too used to sitting at a desk and the day really killed my body. My knees ached from kneeling on them and oh my gosh my elbows felt like they had some sort of fiery arthritis!

Soap making. I’ve been wanting to try making home made products for a while now, and so today I went and bought a whole lot of supplies and tried to make soap for the very first time. I won’t know for a while yet whether or not it has worked, but I’ll let you know!

And how was your week? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,


Motivational Monday, 11 January – Mondayitis


Mondayitis is totally a thing… after a beautiful day yesterday relaxing in the sun at the beach, and now today, being at work and it being overcast and raining, is just kind of miserable!

Are you also suffering from Mondayitis today? What tips and tricks do you have to help recover from it?

I am thinking, do something that makes you happy. Or maybe several things. Listen to music, watch a funny TV show or movie, (if it was sunny) go down to the beach, sunbathe, go kayaking, shopping is can be fun if you have some spare cash. Any other suggestions?

Take care,


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Friday Favourites, 8 December

I can’t believe the first week of January is over already, time has flown by! Not that I’m complaining about the work time flying by, but the free, social time flying by I have a problem with! But then I suppose it does that when you’re having fun.

I hope you’ve all had a terrific first week of the year!

Shopping with Mum. I haven’t gone shopping with my Mum for a while because we don’t have the best relationship I don’t always like to spend a lot of time with her. But we have been trying to forge a new relationship, and so I invited her to come shopping with me during the new year sales which turned out to be pretty good.


More presents. Because getting Christmas presents wasn’t enough apparently, my Mum decided to give me a couple extra! One was a lovely Guess purse (Guess is my favourite label), and one was a bright red essie nail polish.


Kayaking. We took the kayaks out on Sunday and though it was beautiful being out in the sunshine it was windy as hell which made for difficult going, but we still managed to hit our goal which was to paddle out to the sea from the river.


New 2016 diary. For Christmas I ordered my Mum a custom diary filled with pictures of my little family, i.e. me, my partner and our dog. There were some issues with postage from Photobox and they ended up sending me another one for free cos the first didn’t arrive (Photobox are great like that). I got the resent one before Christmas and just this week received the original one. So Mum got one and I decided to claim the other one for my own!

Manicure. While I was waiting to be picked up from work on Tuesday I had my nails done at a little shop just down from my work which was a nice, relaxing way to spend my time while I was waiting.

I hope you all had a great week, let me know in the comments below what highlights you’d like to share!

Take care,


New Years Shopping Haul

I went shopping yesterday to take advantage of the new years sales, not that I bought everything in the shop, just a few things.


  • Waterproof bag for kayaking
  • File divider folder thing for mine and my partners joint bills now we have a house together
  • Orange glass bottle for work
  • Maxi dress just because I felt like it
  • Waterproof watch for kayaking
  • Maze Runner books box set because, why not?

As it turns out my Mum had also done a bit of shopping and bought me a couple of things.


She got me a red Essie nail polish and a flowery red Guess purse.

Did you do any shopping during the sales? What did you get?

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 1 January

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely night last night, has anyone made any resolutions for 2016?

Well, for the last week of 2015, here are the highlights!

Boxing Day Sales. I went to the local shopping centre and did a bit of shopping. I got a new camera, a tote bag to use for work and a couple of tops that would be good for work or casual.

New gym. I signed up with a new 24 hour gym that’s just around the corner from my house and used that for the first time which is pretty exciting.

Working from home. Because not much happens between Christmas and New Years I’m able to work from home which is a nice change. I was able to monitor emails and still get a whole lot of work done around the house.

Zoo membership. My Christmas present from Shane arrived this week which was a membership to the zoo! And not just any zoo, but most of the zoos around Australia, so even if I travel interstate I’ll be able to visit a zoo.

New clothesline. This might sound a bit silly, but ever since we moved into this house I haven’t been able to use the clothesline because the guy that was here before was so bloody tall I can’t reach the darn thing. So, my partner put up the rotary clothesline we got for Christmas, yay!

Tell me in the comments below, what were the highlights for your last week of 2015?

Take care,


Boxing Day Sales!

Boxing Day Sales are a big thing. Or at least, depending on the store they can be a really big thing and you can pick up some amazing bargains. I remember one year picking up a maxi dress in Forever New for $30 when it was originally $120! Man, I love bargain shopping.

Technically this year Boxing Day was yesterday, but the public holiday isn’t being recognised until Monday so all the shops, and all the people are going mad to get in store for shopping. Of course I was one of them…

I had an idea of where I wanted to go, that was dictated in part by the gift cards I had received, but I also got a little bit of cash, though I knew what that would be going towards.

I went to JB Hi-fi and got an Olympus Tough camera that I could take anywhere, including kayaking, so it doesn’t matter if it gets wet or dropped or anything like that. In fact, it comes with a floating strap so if you drop it in water, it floats! That was $296, down from $399 which is pretty good.

Other than that I had a $100 Myer gift card and a $30 Coles Myer gift card so I went to Myer and bought a Guess tote bag for $99 and a couple of tops that were on sale as well.

I still have an Anaconda gift card, so I need to pop in there, maybe tomorrow. I want to get a waterproof bag and a carabiner extension thingo, not really sure what it’s called, but basically I’ll be using it to hang my drink bottle off the kayak and dangle in the water to keep it cool. One of my friends had these on his kayak and I tried it once and it worked a real treat.

My partner and I also got a Bunnings gift card to get a few things around the house, like cement to go with our new rotary clothes line, and a screen door for the front of the house. Maybe I’ll also indulge in a doggy door as well while we’re there…

Have you indulged in any Boxing Day sales? What did you get?

Take care,


Christmas present shopping

It’ll be here in about three weeks now, and I’m reaching that last pinch to get the last of the Christmas presents I need to get. Not that I have to buy too many, my family and my partner’s tend to do secret santa’s which makes things a lot easier and more affordable.

What am I getting everyone for Christmas you ask? Well hopefully I don’t spoil any surprises for everyone by putting it up here, but nevertheless:

  • Dad – Tickets to the cricket on Australia Day
  • Step-Mum – Christmas bellabox
  • Mum – SuperCheap Automotive voucher plus a custom diary with picture of me, my dog and my partner
  • My grandparents on Dad’s side – Christmas goodies hamper
  • My partner – GPS
  • My partner’s Mum – Custom 2016 calendar with pictures of all the kids
  • My partner’s Dad – A roll of 10c pieces to use with the gum ball machine we got him last year, and a giant Toblerone
  • My partner’s Gran – Custom 2016 calendar with pictures of all the grandkids
  • My partner’s sister – T2 Tea and saucer and teapot set
  • My partner’s other sister – Christmas bellabox
  • Secret santa present for my sister in law (from me) – Pandora stacker ring
  • Secret santa present for my brother (from my partner) – Indoor veggie garden kit
  • Secret santa present for my partners aunty (from me) – Dusk brand rose scented candles
  • Secret santa present for my partners uncle (from my partner) – A couple of nice polo shirts

Ok so that’s a few more presents than I thought there was. I find it hard to think up ideas for presents every year, and sadly my partner is not really much help. He helped me come up with an idea for my Dad’s and his Dad’s present but all the rest of them were all my ideas. Sometimes I wonder how this boy managed on his own, and then I think hmm, his Mum probably did a lot of it for him!

Fortunately I was able to source the majority of presents online so I haven’t had to face the crowds in the shopping centres very much which is wonderful. It all gets a bit crazy this time of year, so online shopping is a definite win for me. Only trouble is you need to know what you want to get well in advance so you know it will arrive in time for Christmas.

How are you going with your Christmas present shopping? Have you got them all yet?

Take care,