Travel Diary – Kangaroo Island – Day 4, Monday 28th March

Last day of the holiday, can’t forget to do the final post and put up some pictures!

We had an early start as we had to be out of the holiday house by 9am so we made our first stop at a place called Island Honey where we had a tour of the bee keeping facility, saw how they got the honey from the hives, made some of it into beeswax candles and into jars of course for people to eat. We also learnt that contrary to popular belief, honey is not essentially bee poo, more like it’s bee vomit! They have two stomachs and one where nectar goes and their saliva along with enzymes make it into honey and then they regurgitate it back up.

The next stop was at the KI Distillery. I didn’t take any photos at this place because it was basically just a shop and we got to do some free tastings which is always nice. They mostly focus on gin though and I’m not a huge fan, there were a couple of vodkas and a few liqueurs but none of them really tickled my fancy so I didn’t buy anything except a pot of tea which I enjoyed in their little garden. Mostly just to kill time until heading to the next stop…

Which was the Island Pure Sheep Dairy. My partners parents have sheep on their farm but they don’t milk them. Unfortunately they weren’t milking today, but from the video it looked like it’s the same as cows so nothing I haven’t seen before. There were some awfully cute little lambs though which of course I had to try and feed and pat because they’re just adorable when they’re little!

Neither of us have had sheep milk products before so we decided to do the tasting which started with the yoghurt and it was just awful. It was a natural yoghurt which can be a bit iffy on its own sometimes anyway, but this just had a really weird sort of tang to it that made it quite unpalatable. Some of the cheeses though were really nice, but the fancier kind of cheeses you’d serve at a party and we really couldn’t justify spending $12 on sheep cheese and maybe not having a chance to use it, when you can get a similar product from the supermarket for much cheaper.

Our final sightseeing stop was at Prospect Hill which is a lookout on top of a hill where you can get a good 360 view. It’s 512 steps to the top, trust me I counted. And I took pictures every 50 steps to see how the view changed as you got higher.



Here are all the progression shots:

And huzzah shots from the top!

We still had some time to kill even after doing all of that, so we stopped by a local cafe and grabbed hot chips as an early dinner and ate them down by the beach while we waited for the ferry to whisk us back to the homeland thus concluding our short getaway.

Take care,