Friday Favourites

The last been has been a hard one. Not particularly busy but hard because I’ve just been kinda mopey and struggling to get out of my funk. There were still a few highlights that happened but this coming weekend is going to be better.

Soaps are ready! Four weeks ago I made my first attempt at making soap, but cos I used the cold method I needed to wait a few weeks for it to cure before it was ready. Time was up on Saturday so I wrapped them up in nice little packages and I have a couple that I’m going to give out so I can get other people’s opinion on them.

Lunch with my grandparents. On Sunday I caught up with my grandparents for lunch who I haven’t seen for ages. It was nice to catch up with them after so lunch.

Lunch with Sales VP. During the week I caught up for lunch with our regional Sales VP and we were talking about a conference coming up which I want to go to, and he’s keen to get clients to go to. We struck a deal, if I can get 5 clients to register for the conference he will pay for me to go to the conference. I’m pretty excited by this and so trying to do whatever I can to make it happen.

Rental property valuation. To make things a bit easier on myself I am going to sell my rental property and use some of the money from that to pay off part of the mortgage on this house (I’m keeping the house as part of settlement). I had a call from my agent who valued the property for me and I was really pleasantly surprised at how much it will sell for and how much profit I’ll get, so that was a highlight of course!

How was your week, are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,


Attempted soap making

One thing I’ve been wanting to try for a while is making home made bath products, one of those being soap of course. I also want to try other bath products like hand wash, bubble bath, liquid shower wash instead of a hard bar of soap, as well as body lotions and what not. And then maybe move on to household cleaners too.

But the first stop was trying out soap. I’d been a bit hesitant about it previously because of having to work with caustic soda. At uni though I’ve worked with some harsh chemicals though and everything was fine, so I figured I’d take a leave out of uni’s book and just make sure I had all the necessary safety gear on, so the lab coat, safety glasses, closed shoes, face mask etc.

I did a lot of research on ye olde internet and found a recipe to try out which used the caustic soda and then a combination of olive oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil. I also researched how to make it scented and coloured, but naturally so.

Here’s what those bars of soap look like…


I did the cold method so it’s just curing for another few weeks before it can be used. And you can see I tried to put a “home made” stamp on it but I think it was still a bit too soft when I did that so it hasn’t worked out too well.

The colour looks pretty good, I used tumeric to give it the colour and I put some lemongrass essential oil in it but you can’t smell it, and I’m not sure if that’s because it was a cheapie or if I didn’t put enough in. Probably the first though.

So first attempt at soap making, not too bad I don’t think. Can’t expect it to be perfect the first time around! When I actually get around to using it though I’ll do an update on the soap.

Have you ever made soap before? Are there ingredients you love using or do you have a preferred method?

Take care,


Friday Favourites

Oh so many favourites for the past week, partly because I was on holidays, wonderful holidays! And not just holidays where I went somewhere else and did all the touristy stuff, but holidays where I got to spend some time at home as well.

Kangaroo Island. My partner and I went there for the Easter weekend, we did a few things each day, it was really jam packed and enjoyable. You can head over here and see more details from my travel diary if you like.

Shopping. First day back and still on holidays so I went and did a spot of shopping and bought a Wii U, the thing I like about Wii’s is all the movement that’s involved in game playing, especially when that game is Just Dance!

Monarto Zoo. I had my first volunteering “training” day at the zoo on Wednesday which was great, we were just doing a lot of planting and watering, but I also got shown essential things like how to get in, where the Mallee Minder base camp is, and took a tour down the “peninsula” to see the rhinos.

Rest day. Thursday was pretty much a rest day which was well needed after my first day of volunteer work. I am way too used to sitting at a desk and the day really killed my body. My knees ached from kneeling on them and oh my gosh my elbows felt like they had some sort of fiery arthritis!

Soap making. I’ve been wanting to try making home made products for a while now, and so today I went and bought a whole lot of supplies and tried to make soap for the very first time. I won’t know for a while yet whether or not it has worked, but I’ll let you know!

And how was your week? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,