Friday Favourites, 1 January

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely night last night, has anyone made any resolutions for 2016?

Well, for the last week of 2015, here are the highlights!

Boxing Day Sales. I went to the local shopping centre and did a bit of shopping. I got a new camera, a tote bag to use for work and a couple of tops that would be good for work or casual.

New gym. I signed up with a new 24 hour gym that’s just around the corner from my house and used that for the first time which is pretty exciting.

Working from home. Because not much happens between Christmas and New Years I’m able to work from home which is a nice change. I was able to monitor emails and still get a whole lot of work done around the house.

Zoo membership. My Christmas present from Shane arrived this week which was a membership to the zoo! And not just any zoo, but most of the zoos around Australia, so even if I travel interstate I’ll be able to visit a zoo.

New clothesline. This might sound a bit silly, but ever since we moved into this house I haven’t been able to use the clothesline because the guy that was here before was so bloody tall I can’t reach the darn thing. So, my partner put up the rotary clothesline we got for Christmas, yay!

Tell me in the comments below, what were the highlights for your last week of 2015?

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 25 September

Another week has gone by, I can’t believe how quickly the year is disappearing! I have to confess, sometimes I find these posts hard to do because by the end of the week I seem to be starting to forget all the things that happened in anticipation of the weekend! Does anyone else have that problem or is it just me?

Birthday invitations. Last weekend I got together with my Mum and we started working on the invitations for my 30th birthday.

Application submitted. This is a bit exciting, but I also feel conflicted about feeling excited. I love what I’m doing, I like the company and the people I work with, but I saw an opportunity with another company which just looks so amazing that I just had to apply for it.

Shared morning tea. Oh this was so good. A little while ago my team and I won a video competition at work and we were given a budget of $400 to do whatever we wanted. One of the things we decided to do was hold a shared morning tea for all the other teams that were in the competition. It was really well received, and we had a great time, and we also had enough left overs to last for two days.

Automated reports. At work my team has to spend hours and hours a month generating reports for clients and making sure they’re accurate. It can be a stressful process because of some issue we’ve had in the past. Anyway, there was a hackathon recently at work and one of the teams worked on automating the reports. It’s just a proof of concept at the moment but we’re going to go ahead with it which is super exciting.

WFH. I am working from home today, and grateful I am able to do that. My neck and shoulder have been really sore and after the excruciating pain I was in yesterday I wanted to be able to lay down a couple of times during the day just to get some relief…seems to be the only way to get it!

I hope you’ve all been having a good week, let me know your highlights in the comments below!

Take care,